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We are familiar with your process

We have been working for public institutions for years, be it on the federal, cantonal, or communal level. We are therefore familiar with internal administration structures and know what is politically and legally feasible. Because we operate in all of Switzerland, we have outstanding connections and know about federal customs.

Our Know-How – Your Advantage

  • Decade-long experience in privatizations
  • Quality management system
  • Knowledge of the intersections of public and private law

Our Competences


  • Change of legal form of hospitals, clinics, retirement and nursing homes, sickness and accident insurance
  • Advice to health departments, hospitals, clinics, retirement and nursing homes, sickness and accident insurance
  • Representation before the federal administrative court and in proceedings before cantonal arbitral tribunals

Municipal utilities and local utilities

  • Water supply
  • Planning approval procedures / Licensing
  • Privatizations
  • Editing of regulations / contracts
  • Human resources law for public employees
  • Procurement law
  • Litigation before courts and government agencies
  • External legal service
  • Preparing legal opinions


  • Counseling on the selection of the optimal legal form (institution, company governed by private law, company limited by shares incorporated under a special law, etc.)
  • Putting in place the necessary conditions for privatization
  • Project management and supervision
  • Clarifications with authorities and agencies
  • Legal implementation of spin-offs, transformations, establishments, etc.

Public procurement law / Competitive procedures

  • General legal advice on all matters concerning public procurement
  • Representation in court at the cantonal and federal levels
  • Advice on drawing up application documents
  • Assisting at the anonymous stages of public procurement competitions with or without application of the GATT/WTO Agreement or international treaties, especially:
    – Functioning as a delivery and pickup point for competition participants and competition sponsors
    – Ensuring anonymous communication between competition participants and competition sponsors
    – Verifying that submissions comply with competition conditions
    – Verifying that paper submissions are complete and anonymous
    – Verifying that electronic submissions are complete and anonymous (for MS Office, PDF and standard image formats), including any necessary anonymization
    – Notarial declarations on the nature and condition of submissions and on any compliance or non-compliance with competition conditions can be issued at any time.
    – Competent legal advice for competition sponsors in contentious procedural matters

Expert Opinions / External Investigations

  • Expert opinions on the feasibility of changes in legal form
  • Opinion on liability matters
  • Investigations of forensic incidents
  • Legal opinions in the realm of public law, especially energy law
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