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  • Assistance at organizational, legal and administrative tasks
  • Enable effective leadership
  • Efficient and inexpensive solutions, early detection of conflicts

Nos compétences

Association secretariats / Association management

Associations have the objective of uniting the interests of separate members in order to achieve common goals and of considering different interests during the decision making process on a political and social level. The available resources need to be integrated into the organizational structure of the association in the best possible way to ensure its efficient activity.

Häusermann + Partners supports the board of the association in its key management and secretarial tasks. We relieve the board of administrative duties so it can focus on the strategic challenges of the association.

Secretariat for the board of directors

The function and role of an administrative secretariat has gained in importance and value due to the increased requirements of Corporate Governance. In addition to the traditional duty of recording the minutes, the secretary supports the whole board of directors as an organizer, legal-, compliance and risk officer and is also at their disposal for special projects and assignments. By performing these duties, the Chairman and the directors themselves are relieved of diverse tasks which leaves them free for effective and efficient management work in the interests of the company and the shareholders.

As a staff unit for the board of directors and the related bodies, Häusermann + Partners contributes towards increasing work quality and to the efficiency of the board. We are happy to take on individual secretarial tasks or the complete secretariat for the board of directors and to thereby ensure that the board is relieved of necessary organizational, legal and administrative duties.

Ombudsman Office

An Ombudsman Office functions as an impartial, central point of contact and mediation. The office will mediate if tensions or differences of opinion between parties of an organization – whether it be an association, a company or another organization – or other participants arise. Growing conflicts should be settled as early as possible in an efficient and economical way, so that the mutual bond of trust between the participants is maintained and renewed. The existence of an Ombudsman Office also demonstrates professionalism. Reports made to the office give valuable references to possible improvements, which can be used to uphold the quality standards of the organization.

As an Ombudsman Office, Häusermann + Partners contributes to upholding quality standards by listening to the different participants and dealing with their concerns. The Ombudsman or –woman supports and advises the parties, encourages communication between them and points out ways to reach an amicable resolution of the conflict. As a result, larger, cost- and time intensive conflicts can be avoided.

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