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We defend your claims

People enter into contracts almost every day, often without even knowing it. Professional contract editing is essential to minimize the risk of future disputes. We advise and assist large companies, SMEs and even individuals with editing contracts. When contractual disputes arise, we assist you in negotiating a settlement out of court and represent you when you need to prosecute or defend a claim in court. You benefit from our many years of experience in advisory and forensic activity.

Our Know-How – Your Advantage

  • Custom solutions – from drafting contracts to enforcing them
  • Many years of experience with in-depth knowledge in various fields of law
  • Quick reaction and exact answers to your questions and concerns

Our Competences

Contract design for businesses and individuals

  • Commission
  • Employment contract
  • Lease agreement
  • Purchase agreement
  • Contracts for work and services
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Cooperation agreements and license agreements
  • Employment contract
  • IT contracts
  • Other contracts and agreements
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