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We know thing or two about real estate

Häusermann + Partners is a leading firm in the realization of real estate transactions and the development of real estate projects throughout Switzerland. Benefit from our many years of experience and our ties with all the cantonal administrations. You will be surprised at how quickly we will resolve your case.

Our Know-How – Your Advantage

  • Real estate transactions spanning all of Switzerland
  • Legal supervision of major construction projects
  • Connections with notary’s offices in all the cantons

Our Competences

Real Estate Law

  • Purchase contracts, preliminary contracts, preliminary purchase and reservation of purchase contracts
  • Servitude contracts
  • Creation of mortgage notes
  • Land apportionment
  • Establishment of condominium and joint ownership
  • Condominium ownership regulations and joint ownership bylaws
  • Secondary residence
  • Asset transfers (Art. 69 ff. of the Swiss Merger Act)

Real Estate Transactions, M&A

  • Strategic counseling
  • Planning and conduct (…)
  • Asset share deals / asset transfers (Art. 69 ff. of the Swiss Merger Act)
  • Calculation and optimization of real estate transfer costs in all of Switzerland

Assisting with construction projects / Project Development

  • Strategic counseling
  • Planning and conduct
  • Purchase contracts
  • Contracts for work and services
  • Superficies contracts
  • Servitude contracts

Legal Due Diligence

  • Implementation of legal due diligence
  • Creation of due diligence concepts
  • Creation of data-room indices
  • Organization of data rooms
  • Coordination of inquiry rooms


  • Arrangement of the purchase price in real estate transactions / purchase contracts, including the creation and escrow of securities
  • Escrow of guarantees
  • Escrow of data and source codes

Private and Public Construction Law

  • Contracts for work and services
  • General contractor and overall contractor’s agreements
  • Purchase contracts
  • Loan and credit agreements
  • Lease contracts
  • Building permit procedure

Tenancy Law

  • Tenancy law disputes
  • Contract editing / Preparing contract templates


The extrajudicial conflict settlement with the objective to find with the help of the mediator a durable solution with a legally binding agreement.

We gladly support you notably in the following areas:

  • Conflicts between co-workers
  • Conflicts in projects or drafting of contracts
  • Conflicts with suppliers
  • Tenancy law disputes
  • Construction and planning law
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