data protection statement

Privacy Policy of Häusermann + Partners and Häusermann + Partners Ltd

1.  Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy informs you about the way your data, which is collected during our professional relationship with you, is used by Häusermann + Partners or Häusermann + Partners Ltd. Where Häusermann + Partners is mentioned hereafter, Häusermann + Partners Ltd is also meant, even if not mentioned explicitly.

As far as our website is concerned, we waive all responsibility and all liability for any links from third parties which connect the user to websites of third parties. The responsibility lies completely with you if you click on an external link.

Our use of data conforms to the fundamentals of Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP) and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) if and insofar these are applicable to you.

2.  Professional secrecy

Apart from the usual data protection rights, insofar as it consists of an attorney/notary-client-relationship (and therefore not of one of our professional relationships detached from our work as attorneys/notaries), then the obligation of professional secrecy is applicable. Attorneys and notaries are legally bound to be independent. They concentrate wholly on solving their client’s problems and do not represent any interests which are opposed to their client’s interests. This position of trust means that all of the client’s information is protected by the obligation of professional secrecy, whereby the attorney/notary is not only bound to absolute secrecy, but also has the right to refuse disclosure to authorities and third parties. Independency, professional secrecy and the position of trust guarantee that the client can unreservedly trust their attorney or notary.

3.  User’s permission

Please note that by visiting and using our website you give us permission to process your personal data within the scope of this privacy policy and the applicable legal bases of data protection.

4.  Personal data

Personal data consists of all information concerning an identified or identifiable natural person. We primarily receive your data from you personally in the course of a contractual relationship, through correspondence (electronic or by mail) or so far as permissible from publicly available sources. Because of our activities, data may also be made available to us by third parties, particularly by your employees, possible assignees, authorities, etc. The range of data saved by us depends on the scope and type of the contractual relationship. It will usually consist of name, address, date of birth, citizenship, marital status, email address, homepage, telephone numbers and your professional activity.

5.  Personal data particularly worthy of protection

We do not collect data particularly worthy of protection (for example salary details, details of your private life, data concerning personal religious or ideological views, health-related data, etc.) via our website.

In the scope of the attorney/notary-client relationship we will however in all possibility receive or collect personal data which is particularly worthy of protection from you. All information and documents that you provide us with (as an existing or potential client) underlie attorney/notary-client privilege. We place great value on the protection of your sensitive personal data. We only collect sensitive personal data directly (and recognisably to you) from you or from third parties if explicitly authorised by power of attorney in connection with the fulfilment of the mandate.

6.  Purpose of collection and use of data

We use this information in order to fulfil the existing contract between Häusermann + Partners and you, to continue or begin our professional relationship with you and for further reasons of communication, amongst others for the sending of newsletters, invitations to events, educational programs or presentations and in order to nurture our contacts. If a conflict of interest should need to be clarified for the fulfilment of a contract or resp. for the conclusion of a contract with third parties, then your data may also be taken into consideration.

Insofar as you have given us permission to use your personal data for certain purposes, we will use your data in the scope and pertaining to the permission given by you, insofar as we need it and have no other legal base. Given permission can be revoked at any time, which does not however have any consequences on the prior use of data.

7.  Release to third parties

We will not release the data via the website to third parties without your express consent. This does not include our service partners which are needed in order to fulfil the mandate or a contract (for example Swiss Post or other couriers, telecommunication services, authorities concerning debt collection measures, etc.) and these only, insofar and as long as:

a) they themselves underlie professional secrecy (for example secrecy of post and telecommunications),

b) they have been contractually bound to secrecy by us, or

c) we have been released from professional secrecy for particular facts of a case.

We strictly adhere to the specifications of the applicable data protection laws in all the above cases.

8.  Anonymous collection of data

You can visit our website without giving out any of your personal particulars. Regarding this, we do not save any personal data and do not use cookies. In order to optimize our range of services we only evaluate statistical data which gives no inference to your person.

We do not compile personality profiles on the website.

9.  Communications, notifications and updates

Communication for advertising purposes: We may send you marketing content to our website, services and products by various communication channels. You can unsubscribe from this advertising by following the instructions which are in every communication sent by us. You can also unsubscribe from future advertising at any time by sending an email to

As an additional service, you will also regularly receive a newsletter from us concerning current issues in various legal fields. The receipt resp. downloading of the newsletter is not connected with any form of fee-based services. Furthermore, Häusermann + Partners does not construe its own individual behavioural profiles about the recipients of the newsletter. Every recipient can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by clicking on the relevant reference in the newsletter-email.

Communication for the gaining of information and other purposes: We will send you communications which are necessary to or needed by all our customers and clients, notifications which contain important information, and other communications which you request from us. These communications can’t be cancelled. However, you may adapt the medium and format which you receive the notifications by.

10. Transmission of personal data

The use of emails is not technically safe; it is possible that emails won’t be delivered. Emails may leave the country during transmission, even if both the sender and the recipient are in Switzerland. Confidentiality of emails can’t be guaranteed if encryption is insufficient or non-existent. Unencrypted emails are therefore not suitable for sending confidential information.

By transmitting an email you agree to communicate via email whilst being aware of the described risks.

11. Disclosure, rectification

You have the right to demand disclosure and rectification of your saved data at all times, free of charge. Please contact us in this case. You can find our contact details under art. 15 of this privacy policy.

12. Revocation and deletion

You can revoke your agreement to this privacy policy at any time and demand deletion of your personal data. Please contact us in this case. You can find our contact details under art. 15 of this privacy policy.

However, please note that we are legally obliged as attorneys and notaries, as well as commercially and fiscally obliged to keep accounting records for at least 10 financial years or longer. We can therefore neither delete nor amend any personal data contained in these records. Your request for deletion will therefore only apply to future use.

If services are still to be rendered at the time of revocation, then your personal data will be used until the professional relationship has completely ended. Your revocation relating to data protection legislation particularly has no impact on the completion of an existing contractual relationship and does not count as extraordinary grounds for termination.

13. Data security

Our technological and organisational data security provisions comply with the present standards. By employing specialists and by continuous monitoring we can ensure that your data is protected from loss and unauthorised access at all times.

14. Amendments to this privacy policy

Amendments to this privacy policy are valid from the time of their publication on our website. Personal data which was collected under the provisions of an older privacy policy will be processed according to this privacy policy.

We retain the right to amend this privacy policy and to inform customers, clients, and users about the amendments in a suitable way.

15. Contact point / person

If you have any questions concerning this private policy or your personal data then please contact us by email: or by telephone: 031 326 51 51.